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"If you dream to have a real professional dental team that can take care of your dental needs and make you feel you are the most valuable patient of the day, Dr. Dennis P. Mohney and his loving-care team could fulfill you dream!"

Gregory S. Chan, Ed.D.

A University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

A Satisfied and Happy Patient of Dr. Dennis Mohney


"Dear Dr. Mohney,

Having just completed my 3rd new crown with you, we wanted to thank you for everything you and your excellent office staff have done for us and our family over the last 30 years in providing us with the highest level of quality dental care. .

It is always a pleasure to go to your office for our continuing dental care. You and your office staff are so competent, professional and kind to us. We are so pleased not only with the quality of your work, but how much you care, which is shown by your personal follow up to see how we’re doing after a procedure, like my new crown.

We also appreciate your emphasis on educating us on the benefit to our general health by keeping up with our regular dental cleaning and checkups, along with the newest treatments available in our dental care. We are also very impressed with your efforts to keep up with the times, using “cutting edge” developments in dentistry for the benefit of your patients. We appreciate the hi tech investments you have made resulting in advancements in our treatment from your new equipment and the dental materials you use. (like my new, indestructible crowns that should last longer than I do)

As you know, we moved to Jupiter over 5 years ago. We value the quality of dental care you provide and the comfortable atmosphere in your office, which makes it well worth the travel and effort to continue under your care.

We have also referred a number of family and friends to you over the years and have gotten genuine thanks from each of them for referring them to your office.

Thanks again and our best regards to you and your office staff,"

Steve & Frankie Fischer


"I would like to preface this testimonial with a little history. When I was approximately ten years old, I broke both of my front two teeth playing tag football. After being chiseled, the teeth were crowned. In addition, I also wore braces for about 5 years, starting at age 11, because my teeth made me look like a horse. The downside of wearing braces was that during the ordeal several cavities developed. With braces off, my teeth looked pretty good at the dating age of 16. Years passed, and I ended up in Dr Mohney's office. Well, they did a remarkable job of cleaning my teeth. But after a Zillion cups of coffee and Diet Cokes, my teeth were still yellow to the point of almost orange. Dr Mohney recommended I return my teeth to their original color (Whitish-grey; Note-- Not everyone has natural Hollywood White Teeth). I whitened my teeth through his program and supervision. At this point, my newly brightened teeth did not match my old crowns which now had aged over the 40 years. Of course, they had to be replaced with new ones. The color or tint of the crowns would have to match my own teeth. This is not an easy feat to accomplish. And Dr Mohney did a spectacular job of matching my new crowns to my improved smile. After all of this dental work, I noticed people reacting positively when I smiled. This was a boost to my confidence and also my career. Dr Mohney is a great dentist and I recommend all to this practice. I have given you my dental history. Up to now I have used ten or more different dentists. He is simply the best I have ever encountered."

Chris Fountain

Validation Engineer

Miami Lakes, FL

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