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Night Guards

NIGHT GUARDS, BITE PLATES, and BRUXISM APPLIANCES are all names for the same thing. But these are not athletic mouth guards, which are soft.

Many people are afflicted with bruxism, or teeth grinding. Some people may do this unconsciously during the day, but it is a larger problem at night while you are asleep. Grinding your teeth can damage enamel, wear down teeth, cause jaw pain, or loosen your teeth in the bone. The noise from teeth grinding can also disturb your spouse's sleep if loud enough.

If you grind your teeth you should consider a night guard. The night guard, which is very similar to a mouth guard worn by athletes, provides a hard, protective barrier between your top and bottom teeth while you sleep. All night guards are custom fitted. Your occlusion, or bite, is meticulously adjusted to the bite plate. Night guards are very durable and can be used for up to 10 years, providing your dog doesn't find it.

Bite plates are made by taking impressions of your teeth, followed by some measurements. They are constructed in the dental laboratory. Two appointments are necessary. The second appointment consists of fitting the appliance and adjusting it to your bite.

Bite appliances are also used as a protective measure following comprehensive dental work. They provide additional protection for new crowns or veneers.

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